Cheat Codes


Unlimited Data Scraper

This cheat is an alternative to Zapier for Google sheets which allows sending unlimited data. Simply enter the google sheets URL and your Cheat layer API key in the Post request like shown below. sheet_data allows sending unlimited... Read more


Lead Collector

"Profile Scraper" scrapes a users profile info like website, name, and job. "Linkedin Search" loops through a linkedin search and runs Profile Scraper on each in a new tab. Warning: scraping may violate the TOS, so be careful or use a separate account. ... Read more


Canva Automator

This script takes a heading and subheading from google sheets and generates a new canva template image for each. It asks your for the google sheets URL and the canva template URL, and then automates generating images from templates... Read more

Zillow Scraper

"Rental Scraper" collects the address, price, rental, taxes, assessment, insurance, and listed date for Zillow properties and sends them to google sheets... Read more


Take a screenshot of any webpage. Link this automation using the attribute selector and the a element to take screenshots of all the links on the page.. Read more

Slack Scraper

Copy your Google Sheets ID and replace SHEETS_ID in the code with it. Then run the script on any slack page to scrape all the messages. Schedule it to regularly scrape the messages.... Read more

Blog Generator

Automate generating blogs using copywriting AI. Read more