TikTok marketing agent that generates and uploads videos using Dalle3 and Stable Video

by Cheat Layer Desktop Agent


Download Open Agent Studio using the link to the right, then use the form on the dashboard to trigger this agent with custom parameters for the video prompt, voiceover, and social caption on the tiktok post. It will generate a custom video with a voiceover and upload it to your Tiktok account as long as you are logged in at tiktok.com.

This agent gets 200-700 views per video, and you can find examples on our Tiktok here: https://www.tiktok.com/@cheatlayer. The goal of most social networks is to sell ads by keeping users on their apps longer. They have algorithms to find the best audience for your content and to test traffic to find the best content.
Our agents scrape either your profile or a target competitor's profile to automate testing and deduce what content will likely get higher engagement with each post. You can additionally schedule multiple agents, and we'll separate them across different accounts to allow A/B testing target niches.  Tik Tok currently has a $9 CPM, so users are getting 6-18X better CPM than Tik Tok ads. The networks actually appreciate this, because they just want good content, and these agents allow iterating better content over time. You can also trigger or schedule this agent using Open Agent Mobile:

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