Automate Your Business
Using Natural Language

Cheat layer solves impossible business automation problems using our own multi-modal model, Atlas-1, and a custom-trained version of GPT-4 to function as your personal AI team.

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Discover Automations In Simple Language


Project Atlas is our framework
designed to generate automations of unlimited complexity
in simple language,
meeting all users at their level of understanding.

Builds automations from end-to-end like a conversation with an engineer.
A new targeting strategy that’s more robust than any other RPA tool on the planet, including UIpath and Microsoft.
Unlimited free autoresponding using our 'relevance graph' on every website, CRM, and support platform.
Automate any manual tasks, with an action recorder and no-code drag-drop interfaces.

Join 20,000+ Global Happy Customers


Product, Marketing, and Sales Agents

Sales Agents

Use our autonomous lead generation and sales agents to qualify leads and get demos on auto-pilot with email, SMS, and embedded voice agents. Get up to 12% reply rates with personalized conversational agents that get better over time.

Marketing Agents

Automate generating, posting, and a/b testing content using AI tools like Leonardo AI, HeyGen, Eleven Labs, Pexels, and Dalle to measure engagement rates and constantly iterate better content. Get 18x-36x better CPM than Tiktok Ads.

Product Agents

Use Live Mode to iteratively build products like speaking to an engineer you hired, including functional tools, apps, presentations, and landing pages that are instantly hosted on the internet and shareable.


All plans come with a risk-free 60 day moneyback guarantee.

Unlimited Workflow Automation

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    Unlimited Personal Agents And Executions!

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    Access Private 1-on-1 Onboarding Calendar (Unlimited Meetings To Investigate Use-Cases)

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    Unlimited Autoresponder On Every Website, CRM, and Support Service

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    Unlimited Webhook Triggers

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    Unlimited Google Sheets Tasks and Data

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    Unlimited Static and Personalized Llama Emails

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    Publish Premium Agents

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    Email, SMS, Phone, Chat, and Embedded Voice Agents

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    Cheat Cloud To Scale Up Automations

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    Browser Automation For Chrome

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    Desktop Automations For Mac/Windows/Linux

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    Private Discord Access



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    Includes All Workflow Automation Features

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    Custom SLA and access to private office hours calendar

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    Custom Cheat Cloud Tasks Per Month

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    Rotating Residential Proxies

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    Custom Team Seats

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    Run Cheat Cloud On-Premise(Maintain Compliances)

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About Us

We founded Cheat Layer during the pandemic to help people who had lost their jobs and businesses rebuild online using GPT-3. We personally helped hundreds pro bono before turning to AI for help.

In August 2021, we were the first startup to get approved by openAI to sell GPT-3 for automation. We were the first to publish our framework for agents, Project Atlas, in July 2022.

Businesses today are threatening to fire employees and replace them with AI. We believe within 2 years, the AI necessary to generate most of those businesses will be a commodity.

In a future where the AI in your pocket can generate custom, secure, and free versions of all the most expensive business software, we believe there'll be a level playing field that removes the barrier to build these businesses. More small businesses will build competitive brands through personal relationships, better quality service, and network effects through unique data. We invite you to join us in building this future together faster.


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