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Machine Learning Powered Business Automation

CheatLayer exposes a powerful GPT-3 powered scripting layer on all websites to automate business tasks and save hundreds of hours per month.

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1) Use Machine Learning(GPT-3) To Automate Any Website

2) Turn Any Website Into An API

3) Save Hundreds Of Hours Per Month

Use natural language to request automation tasks like gathering leads, scraping data, pushing buttons, and sending data to google sheets.

Schedule hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly tasks. Cheatlayer will open the browser tab, perform your work, then close itself for you on schedule.

Plans & Pricing

No risk, 60-day money back guarantee!


$99 once
50 Machine Learning Credits Per Month
50 Marketplace Credits once
Unlimited Automations
Live Chat Support
Automate All Websites
Automation Marketplace
GPT-3 Code Generations
Limited Timed Offer!
Stack 10 Codes For White Label Access
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$49 /month
250 Machine Learning Credits Per Month
Unlimited Automations
Live Chat Support
Automate All Websites
Automation Marketplace
GPT-3 Code Generations
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What People Say About Us

Incredible Tool, Unlimited Potential
I'm still digging into CheatLayer and I can't get over how cool it is. I know some JavaScript but the GPT-3 generator is pretty awesome. If nothing else it's worth grabbing at LEAST one code, but I believe a full 10-stack with will pay for itself over and over, and am going to be purchasing myself after digging in more. Looking forward to more experimenting and tutorials/training. Plus, support has been extremely friendly and helpful. Very pleased with this tool, thank y'all for bringing us this offer!

AppSumo Plus Member

Here's your chance to play google for a moment
Jumped on this deal immediately!! big data collection at your fingertips and at a blink of an eye too!! I have invested in Hazlo and Gyana which are phenomenal products here on appsumo but of course in order to even begin to vizualize your data you need the data and what if that data is hard to come by? that is where cheatlayer comes in and it is phenomenal. YOU get to decide the data you need. I was a bit sceptical to begin with but I certainly am no longer. I contacted Fred from support and not only is the product amazing but so is support..He went absolutely above and beyond and set up a video for me and everything to get started.

AppSumo Member

Magic code generator
Incredible! Not sure how it does it but it works brilliantly. You ask the genie and it grants you your wish in code form. This product is a must have for any automation fan, 5 tacos.

AppSumo Plus Member

An awesome platform with an amazing team!
After being a fan of the team behind Instoo I was excited when I saw CheatLayer was available and bought it instantly!After having some initial trouble getting a task automated I reached out to support for some help.They were quick to reply, solicited more details, and were able to help me complete a task that no other automated platform has been able to help me accomplish.What months of use and requests to support to other platforms couldn't accomplish CheatLayer was able to do in a matter of minutes.
Not only that but they already have applied this use case to their tutorial base and will be adding more soon..

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