Automate Your Business
Using Natural Language

Cheat layer solves impossible business automation problems using a custom-trained GPT-4 machine learning model to function as your personal AI software engineer.

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Discover Automations In Simple Language


Project Atlas is our custom-trained
machine learning model which
builds the whole automation
for you in simple language,
meeting all users at their level of understanding. tickr

Builds automations from end-to-end like a conversation with an engineer.
Growing library of user-discovered Cheat Codes.
Upgrade ChatGPT to access current events--Better than Google!
Turn automations into products instantly using a no-code drag-drop interface.

Join 9000+ happy global users


Cheat Codes

Unlimited Scraper

This cheat is an alternative to Zapier for Google sheets which allows sending unlimited data. Simply enter the google sheets URL and your Cheat layer API key in the Post request like shown below. sheet data allows...

Lead Collector

"Profile Scraper" scrapes a users profile info like website, name, and job. "Linkedin Search" loops through a linkedin search and runs Profile Scraper on each in a new tab. Warning: scraping may violate the TOS, so be careful or...

Canva Automator

This script takes a heading and subheading from google sheets and generates a new canva template image for each. It asks your for the google sheets URL and the canva template URL...


All plans come with a risk-free 60 day moneyback guarantee.

Workflow Automation

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    Build and Run Unlimited Automations With No-Code Tools

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    Discover New Automations With Project Atlas

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    Cheat Cloud To Scale Up Automations

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    Webhook Triggers To Extension Or Cloud

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    Browser Automation For Chrome

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    Desktop Automations For Mac/Windows/Linux(Coming Soon!)

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    Unlimited Google Sheets Tasks and Data

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    Upgrade To Access White Labels To Generate Chrome Extensions From Automations

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    Access Office Hours Consultants to Build Automations Live

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    Includes All Workflow Automation Features

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    Custom SLA and access to private office hours calendar

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    Custom Cheat Cloud Tasks Per Month

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    Rotating Residential Proxies

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    Custom Team Seats

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Language As A Universal Interface

Users no longer have to learn another interface again, which reduces complexity and brain fog.

A simple universal interface likely helps you reduce aging itself, and it seems like "language" is the intuitive best choice for this interface. That's just the beginning, and now we'll start releasing all the new user-trained automations daily. Intuitively,..

Introducing Project Atlas

During the pandemic, I was donating my time to help my friends and strangers build online businesses. People started referring me, and suddenly people globally asked for help. The problem quickly grew larger than I could solve.

The "Holy Grail" For Automation

When we first built GPT-4 into Cheat Layer, the idea was we could keep adding training data based on what users want. Eventually, that process would build a model which was functionally a software engineer who specialized in automations and integrations.

While the model didn't translate all the jargon yet, we deployed two colliding solutions to that problem:


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